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Magnificent and gorgeous Chinese brides

In the foreground are the Chinese values ​​"Care" and "Family". And of course they look after the blonde Western youth. But will not enter into a relationship with him unless he ensures the above "values". What he usually should not be prepared in contrast to the already gray youths.

The Asian seniority principle

And what about the Chinese competitors? They know these women very well: constantly Sanuk with friends, other women.Then rather the friendly elderly proverb  "Such a thing would never make a young European woman, engage with a much older man." Of course not, unless there was wealthy or a celebrity; a special pike just.

In China, too, with the notorious "beauty craze" in advertising, everything is focused on the youth. Nevertheless, people have been educated here for centuries to the delight of the elders. This is not a mere courtesy gesture. Throughout Asia, especially in Chinese and Japanese culture, the principle of seniority applies. This means that an elderly person has a special meaning only because of their age. Of course, this principle also affects the relationships between younger women and older men, and that is positive.

No care, no honey

The internalized supply principle and its social necessity affect not only marriage and solid partnerships but all forms of a relationship.

The notion of some farang in Chinese land to have a girlfriend relationship based on Western standards, i. purely for the sake of "relationship" and without making any material contributions is naive. Just like the statement: "I have never paid for sex". A male specimen that should succeed in Chinese land is extremely rare; maybe as a kind of gigolo for top-class ladies.

Chinese women - the most family-oriented girls

 Of course, Old Chineselandhands know all the stories about sick water buffalos or accident mothers. Which Farang brings it to heart after having spent some "free" days, and especially nights, with his lady-in-waiting refusing a monetary allowance? Or in other words, the bill always comes to the end; a very valid law in China with a few exceptions.

The principle of hope

Of course, many Chinese women also know that Western relations are different and they also know that they are considered materialistic by inexperienced farangs. "Then I will not disappoint my new friend and potential family founder, maybe it works this time". And what does the surprised friend think: "all nonsense, which is written in the forums, there are also decent girls who only the relationship and not the money is important. And if the hope of the lady is not fulfilled in the foreseeable future? Then there is a whining more in the forums.

Why choose a Chinese woman?

Customize and enjoy

Yes, gentlemen, love freshlings in Chinese land, that's tough, a hit for the ego. The good, brave, bourgeois girlfriend behaves actually like the girls from the Soi Cowboy and comes to you in the end much more expensive to stand. No, no "my girl is different, she loves me". Please never say this sentence out loud, it is already winged.

But do not blame your pretty girlfriend, do not be disappointed. The girlfriend behaves only according to their own culture and can not help that it runs in the West partially different. (Please do not make any ironic comments on the girls in Europe, from a correct-feminist point of view, it is different there, Basta).

Therefore, do not lament about her bourgeois friend or a good girl, who likes to stroll with you through elegant shopping malls or ask for a "loan" for the lasering of her eyes, because glasses are considered to be unattractive. Do it like the Chinese competitors, spoil the treasure with expensive gifts, go with her to fine restaurants and choose in a lively seaside resort at least a 4-star hotel, instead of a wooden hut on lonely Islands. Then your Tirak will apply the "care principle" to you and you will feel like you are in seventh heaven or not.

Do not complain about barmaids in the forums, who only exercise you, even though you want to redeem the girl from the night industry with her Knightley feelings. Do not hire detectives to snoop on the girl, make sure she sits nicely at home, and gratefully manages the money she sends you on a monthly basis.

Such redeemers are mockingly referred to as white knights. Do not try to determine and control the lady's life remotely. Just look forward to the next vacation you'll spend with your bar treasure, and

in the future maybe even more.

The care principle and western glasses

"Bad, bad these Chinese ladies, think materially, just want to exempt us men" ... "that's not true, there are many who are also interested in a serious relationship, want to lead a harmonious marriage with their dear Farang, that interests money they are not special ".

Chinese dating

What is to be held by this statement? Both are right, both are wrong. Well, that's illogical, the two introductory sentences can not be right and wrong at the same time. But they can. We often view the behavior of people in China with western glasses, transferring our logic and values ​​to a different culture with different values ​​and different logic. For this topic, please read the article "About Chinese and Western Glasses".

At this point only so much. Even a non-expert man should be aware that almost every Chinese woman will primarily care for her family. That is a cultural MUST. Due to the relationship with a farang, their social status does not increase much, rather the other way round. If a woman leaves her own family unit, however, she endangers her existence. A social network like ours does not exist in China. And as jobs look for women who have no special education, anyone can imagine themselves after the first three days in this country. So gentlemen, now put yourself in the position of the lady who has played you so bad. How would you act in their place?

Chinese mail order brides are your best choice to find a real love

However individual Chinese women may be, the common denominator is a culturally-based value concept that is interpreted differently from the Western one. Anyone who goes beyond phenomena or does not understand the interaction will hardly be able to lead an interculturally harmonious partnership, in the worst-case life punishes him. Strategies: "How to find a girlfriend in China", the linked article deals with. If you are already dining with your chosen one, never forget that street food is only served by farangs and very poor Chinese ladies. The safest option is to choose a restaurant in a shopping mall. And invite your friends too.

What dating sites should you use to meet a Chinese lady?

Never forget the principle that applies throughout Asia: no money, no honey. Of course, this also applies to all Farangs. Who can not fulfill his role as a provider, perhaps through an unforeseen mishap, will in most cases not experience Christian charity ... hundreds of examples in the forums do not have to end as tragically as some gentlemen who still learn to fly in their old days wanted to.

Please do not discourage any nasty comments now, we know your Chinese wife or girlfriend is "different" and you've experienced it differently or have heard it differently from a friend ... we sincerely wish you to be one of the exceptions to the rule to confirm. And I also know that what should not be, should not be.

Chinese marriage agency is your best choice to find a real love

The difficulties arise above all because each person sees the matter differently according to his mentality, but also depending on the circumstances of life and the culture in which he grew up. This is particularly important when the partners come from such different milieus as a farang and a Chinese woman. The best Chinese marriage agency is mail order brides, with a great amount of hot and beautiful brides. Probably every man who lives with a Chinese woman, has sometimes had the impression of a certain cold feeling in his wife and has asked the question "does she really really love me at all?" It should be said that the Chinese have much more shyness to show what we see as a sign of loving affection, such as hugs, kisses, and so on. Especially in the presence of other people, the woman - even if she is married - have inhibitions to send her husband a loving gesture. 

Chineses also have little sense of gifts that are meant to express loving attention, such as a nice bouquet of flowers. For them, only the material value, or the gold weight counts. All this makes the farang think that only rational considerations have persuaded the woman to live with him, which usually does not put him so wrong.

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